Newbies can now enjoy four full months of Google Play Music premium service free of charge

With Spotify in the lead, Apple inching closer, Tidal growing stronger thanks to Sprint’s recent investment, Pandora not giving up the fight yet and Amazon always in contention, the music streaming market is ripe for freebies and money-saving opportunities.

Hypothetically speaking, someone who’s never used any of the aforementioned services, as well as a few more, could probably listen to unlimited tunes online, no ads or restrictions, for around a year before paying a single dime.

Consider just the amazing opportunity Google once again offers new Play Music members to get “All Access” passes for 120 full days with absolutely no charge or strings attached of any sort.

That’s right, you can download the Android or iOS app now, or open the desktop platform directly in your web browser, sign up to a free four-month premium account, then cancel your subscription after the promotional period ends. Your credit card will never be charged, and, well, you’ll be free to move on to a 90-day Apple Music trial and so on.

Of course, Google Play Music comes with many benefits making its regular All Access $10 monthly fee totally worth it. Not only can you stream a rich catalogue of roughly 40 million songs, but also combine that with your up to 50,000 personal files sans paying anything extra for the cloud storage.

Offline playback is supported, alongside curated recommendations, playlists and radio stations, and you can always pay just $15 a month for a family plan of six.

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