Google’s got a new version of its Google Play Movies & TV app out today, updating the program’s UI to match the card-based Now look that’s become the company’s recent design language. It also gets a new Watch Now feature to offer suggestions about what shows or films you might want to check out next – altogether, a solid little update. However, this release is getting some negative attention in certain circles, after the discovery that it breaks compatibility with last year’s Nexus Q.

We know, we know – the Nexus Q is long dead, and any desire to see it keep functioning is just putting off the inevitable. The thing is, for months and months, the Q was working just fine, even if Google wasn’t actively developing for it.

Then with the launch of Google Play All Access, the Play Music app stopped syncing with the Q. Today’s loss of Play Movies functionality finishes that one-two punch that effectively kills the Nexus Q – it can still run apps like YouTube to bring media to your TV, but cutting it off from Google’s ecosystem is a gigantic blow to any users hoping to get a little more use out of it.

We don’t blame Google for dropping support for the Nexus Q, but we’re still sad to see it happen. Now we just have to see if Google has any intention of trying this home media Android business again.

Source: Google
Via: Droid-life

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