Lenovo Chromebook

Google Play for Education was a program that sold Android tablets specialized for school use. But its partner vendors have gotten word that the program has ended.

An executive at one of the vendors said he was trying to acquire a quote for an order. After a lengthy wait, ASUS and Samsung said that their products were “end-of-lifed” and suggested that the vendor look at Chromebooks instead. Google sent a missive to the vendor that said the Play for Education program was ending and recommended the same.

The exec believes that the limited user capabilities and environment of the tablets meant it lost out to iPads and other hardware options. Chromebooks proved a better option, “sometimes at lower prices than actual tablets.” With newer models featuring touchscreens and convertible bodies, it would seem that Google is taking the more versatile option — the best selling option for US K-12 schools, Google claims — and running with it.

Google will continue to support current accounts and run its ed apps store.

Source: CRN
Via: Android Police

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