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Make your HTC One an official Google Play edition in ten minutes (Video)

By Taylor Martin June 28, 2013, 12:59 pm

When HTC announced there would be a Google Play edition HTC One following Google I/O in May, many existing owners of Ones were upset, and rightly so. They purchased what they thought was exactly what they had been waiting for, one of the best smartphones ever created. And just weeks after purchasing it, it was revealed that it would soon be sold running completely stock Android.

I’d be upset, too. I’ve been begging for more stock Android phones for at least three years now.

Fortunately, developers have come to the rescue. HTC released the kernel source code yesterday, and developers were quick to bring the official Google Play edition software to all GSM HTC Ones. Watch the video to learn how to turn your HTC One into a Google Play edition in just a few minutes!

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