Google unsurprisingly names Super Mario Run 2017’s most popular new Android game

In addition to subjectively hand-picking the Android apps and games that stand out the most across a wide array of categories every year, Google will typically take the time during the holiday season to share unbiased lists of the most downloaded Play Store titles.

This year is obviously no different, and we won’t act too shocked seeing Nintendo’s long overdue Super Mario Run mobile version take the title of 2017’s most popular new Android game.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga is described by Google Play Global Head of Apps & Store Engagement and Merchandising Brett Bouchard as a close first runner-up, with Magic Tiles 3 in third place, ZeptoLab’s CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars in fourth, and the “champion of time killer”, Ballz, wrapping up the top five.

A simple but powerful and aptly named Photo Editor is the year’s most popular new Play Store app, followed by the hilarious What The Forecast?!! weather title, the free version of Boomerang’s official Android app, TopBuzz Video for easy-to-find viral videos and funny GIFs, and finally, Yarn – Chat Fiction, which isn’t exactly well-reviewed, but it must be oft-downloaded.

Unsurprisingly, Game of Thrones claimed the TV show crown (and throne) for the second consecutive year, while Moana narrowly defeated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the new Wonder Woman for the heavyweight movie title.

These are all US-specific lists, mind you, but if you’re curious what new games, apps, TV shows, films, books and songs topped the charts in your respective countries, all you need to do is visit your regional Best of 2017 section of the Play Store.

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