After developing a mobile software platform that rapidly took over the world, Google started a full Windows-challenging experiment in 2011 that very few PC users took seriously at first.

But even though the limitations of Chrome OS are still pretty much as obvious and relevant today as seven years ago, when the first Chromebooks were commercially released, the Mountain View-based search giant somehow managed to achieve classroom domination over iPads, MacBooks and Windows laptops.

Low-cost Chromebooks are increasingly popular among everyday consumers as well, but selling a high-end computing machine like Google’s in-house Pixelbook is proving a challenge even at a discounted starting price of $749.

Enter a mysterious “AltOS” developing project that’s looking more and more likely to add Windows 10 support to the 12.3-inch convertible Chrome OS laptop. Not as a hack job of any sort either, but officially, according to mounting evidence discovered by folks who typically know what they’re talking about.

The possibility of such an unholy alliance between two traditionally fierce rivals seemed so implausible just a little while ago, although if you think about it, Microsoft needs Android nowadays to remain (somewhat) relevant on the mobile tech scene. As for Google, it’s obvious dual boot-capable Chromebooks would have a lot to gain from the added functionality.

But we probably shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. All we know at the moment is internal progress is being made toward official Windows 10 certification for Google’s Eve-codenamed Pixelbook.

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