Google Pixel speakers staticky and peaking, needs a ROM to fix

Mark Buckman is right — you shouldn’t pay top dollar for a phone only to hear that its speakers are naff at high volumes. Like, peaking, staticky, horrible naff.

Buckman logged his odyssey through at least five Google Pixel XL units through RMA and a single Pixel unit his wife had to see how much of a problem the speakers were causing through various apps and multimedia. It’s especially the case for lower, bassier sounds that each of his Pixels XL just cracks things up.

And when a nerdy topic gets posted in a video on YouTube, the appropriate subreddits get activated with lots of complaints of the same.

And that was just from this weekend. Fast forward to yesterday where Buckman was forwarded to a fix that needed a custom ROM featuring the WETA Audio Mod.

WETA requires TWRP flashing, but allows for a different audio driver, Viper4Android, to be used instead of the included one. It is a workaround and a very inconvenient one, indeed — especially with the stock Android phone of all such phones.

This is a problem unique to the Pixel, already riddled with hardware and software chasms that Google has yet to completely fix up.

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