Google Pixel speaker saga continues as issue is now said to be with hardware

After several rounds of RMA Pixel XL units, Mark J. Buckman had to accept a full refund from Google after he complained about his phone’s speaker clipping at loud volumes when other comparable units didn’t have this issue. While he did get to a dev-savvy fix that required some flashing, those who face this issue are inclined to fire off unfamiliar adb scripts.

The worst part of it all he told us? Google would not take this speaker problem as an official, ticketed issue.

Well, Buckman has continued to follow up with Google Store support on the issue. On January 13, he sent a message relaying a Google statement he found in the product forums saying that “the issue is with all [Pixel and Pixel…] phones” and that refunds would be offered to those who wouldn’t wait for a software fix.

That same day, one Google Store representative responded:

To my knowledge, that information is not correct. The issue mentioned currently is known to affect a select build of device. The issue is known to be a hardware issue, and not software based. We are not currently offering refunds for this issue, but we would be glad to offer warranty service for affected devices.

Can you say “mixed signals?”

Buckman told Pocketnow in an interview that from what he could tell, he dealt with a United States service representative for most of his interactions with Google Store support before being handled by an international team member. Between the two, there was inconsistent information given as to the goings-on of the issue.

We are left to wonder what statements reflect how the company is truly handling this situation or, if nothing stands clear, how long it will take to make it clear. Other issues affecting the Pixel and Pixel XL remain in support limbo as well.

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