Google Pixel pricing said to start at $649, question of Verizon exclusivity hangs

What you see above may be a white version of one of the Google Pixel phones that are in vogue with the rumor whisperers right now. It shows up in a commercial for Alphabet’s Nest smart appliances in the Netherlands. But the existence of a white color for the Pixel, said to be set for release in about two weeks, doesn’t matter as much as the chatter surrounding the formerly Nexuses’ advance to release day… well, it does in one sense.

First, the word is out from Android Police and its trusted source that the Pixel XL will not start at $599, but rather, the smaller Pixel phone will, plus $50. Yep, that’s $649 to you and it does not bode well for pricing up the size and storage chain — said to begin at 32GB. Furthermore, we hear that Google’s Daydream View headset may become available for $80, but that number’s been fluctuating for a while.

For the first time on a first-party smartphone release, the Google Store will offer financing for these not-affordables in select markets. A year-long warranty extension will be available as well as accidental insurance is available at the price of $99 for the Pixel and $119 for the Pixel XL — the Nexus Protect program offers similar protections.

If you want to get your phone from a physical store, rumors are holding up Verizon to be the exclusive retail partner for Pixel carriage. There will supposedly be three colors, but none of them are technically white — the closest we get is an aluminium shade, followed by a shiny, bright blue and black.

HTC is said to be behind these phones as well as a “Bolt” that’s due for Sprint next month. Given how slapdash the rumors have been, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear about the Bolt having a strong connection to the devices codenamed “Marlin” and “Sailfish”.

Source: Android Police

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