British retailer spills all on Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones

So you thought Bell’s major exposé up north a few hours ago was the last unofficial thing you’d be seeing or hearing about Google’s first “standalone” phones in advance of tomorrow’s overloaded San Francisco press event?

Well, Carphone Warehouse over in the UK begs to differ, “accidentally” plastering the no doubt legit specifications and a bunch of high-res Pixel and Pixel XL images all over its official website. The product pages were quickly wiped of all traces of the two highly anticipated “pure Android” devices, though as always, proof of the retailer’s carelessness remains out in the open, thanks to web caches.

While we can’t say CPW provides any revelations or shockers regarding a couple of already thoroughly-leaked smartphones, it’s certainly nice to be able to check them out from all angles, in both black and white, no third-party OEM logos in sight.


The Pixel and Pixel XL still look arguably unexciting on the outside, huge screen bezels and all, but their joint Snapdragon 821 processing power, 4GB RAM and 32/128GB storage options are a great start towards hardware compensation.

Android 7.1 Nougat will of course run the software show, and Google seems keen on centering its marketing on neat tricks like “your own personal Google Assistant”, and yes, unlimited full-res Photos hoarding of pics and videos.

Speaking of, you’re definitely looking at 12 and 8MP cameras, plus super-fast battery charging, fingerprint recognition, USB Type-C connectivity, and no, probably no microSD support. If only pricing rumors would prove false…

Sources: Cached Carphone Warehouse (1), (2)
Via: Android Police

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