Google Pixel and Pixel XL US pre-orders come with your choice of freebies

Discounts, sometimes quite substantial, bundle deals and even BOGOs are no longer oddities for just-released flagship Android smartphones, with the not-very-affordable Google Pixel duo today following the suit of the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, HTC 10 or Moto Z.

Depending on their go-to authorized retailer, early US adopters can net up to $130 in gifts with pre-orders, which should take some of the sting out of spending at least $650 in the first place.

Best Buy promises to give each of you $100 coupons and gratis Chromecast streaming dongles (second-gen models), as long as you don’t mind activating the Pixel or Pixel XL on Verizon. Unfortunately, BB’s actual pre-order listings aren’t live yet, so you’ll need to keep an eye out, and hope both inventory and this special offer will last a while once pre-sales kick off.

For their part, Google and Big Red can already hook you up with a similarly sweet, slightly less valuable Daydream View VR headset, free of additional charges. The “soft, breathable” fabric-made Samsung Gear VR rival costs $80 by itself, and will of course take a few weeks to ship to Google Store or Verizon Pixel (XL) buyers.

Remember, if $650 and $770 respectively is too much to cough up all at once, there’s always the monthly device payment route, with $0 down, and $27.08 or $32.08 due every 30 days.

Sources: Best Buy, Verizon, Google Store

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