Google shaves $125 off OG Pixel price, $200 off Pixel XL, Daydream View headset thrown in for free

We know Android purists are probably inclined to hold off on their first-generation Google Pixel purchases, what with an enticing pair of HTC and LG-made sequels drawing near and all. But how much do you think a swanky “FullVision” Pixel XL2 will cost? $750 and up? $850 and up? Close to $1,000?

That’s a lot of moolah, no matter how passionate you might be about your “pure Google experience”, and waiting for substantial discounts or hefty deal sweeteners from the search giant is rarely a good idea.

Just consider how long it’s taken the original Pixel and Pixel XL to be marked down by more than $100 each, no strings attached, no special requirements, no catches and no 24-hour deadlines.

Even better, both 2016 flagship phones come with a VR-enabling Daydream View headset right now at no extra charge. All you have to do is visit the US Google Store, add whichever Pixel model you prefer to your cart, then the Daydream virtual reality viewer, and boom, you’ll save up to $279 at checkout.

Typically listed for $649 and up, the “regular” Pixel now starts at $524, while the 5.5-inch Google Pixel XL sets you back $569 with 32GB storage instead of its $769 MSRP. A bump to 128 gigs of digital hoarding room is another full Benjamin, bringing the two’s total costs up to $624 and $669 respectively, down from $749 and $869.

Don’t forget about the Daydream View freebie either, with the “shell” normally going for $79, though you can also nab it from Best Buy right now at $59.

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