Google cranks up buzz campaign for Pixel phones with primetime network TV ad

It looks like the Android purists’ favorite device manufacturer will be turning over a new leaf this fall not only in terms of mobile product branding, but also retail pricing and advertising focus.

No more catering to an inherently limited target audience of, well, mostly geeks with Nexus-labeled phones and tablets, as Google tries to finally break into the mainstream hardware landscape by teasing sitcom viewers and football fans of the Pixel and Pixel XL’s imminent arrival.

Just as October 4 press invites started going out, and that cryptic but telling splash site went live, a similarly mysterious 30-second commercial reportedly aired during “Big Bang Theory” and “Monday Night Football” publicity breaks.

To understand how massive of an audience Big G is all of a sudden going after, we should stress the uber-popular CBS comedy had its season 10 premiere last night, with around 18 million people tuning in a year back to check out the season 9’s opener. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles took on the Chicago Bears in week 2 of NFL action, and jocks and nerds probably joined hands to watch Google’s iconic search box slowly morph into one of those snazzy-looking white Nougat handhelds.

“Come and Get Your Love” plays in the background, the October 4 release date is re-confirmed, and the Pixel phone duo officially sets its sights on “the sevens.”

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