Google Pixel phone, aka Nexus Sailfish, gets rendered from every possible angle

As hard as Google might be trying to keep a lid on classified information spillage concerning the first generation of Nexus-replacing Pixel phones (particularly real-life visual leaks), this is 2016, and there’s only so much you can do to hide premium Androids from prying eyes.

Another reputable tipster who knows a guy who knows another guy with a connection in the right place delivers a fresh round of “factory renders” today, as well as a 360-degree video, starring the smaller of two upcoming Pixel handhelds, aka HTC-manufactured “Sailfish.”

No use calling it a Nexus anymore, and struggling to figure out how its name may connect to last year’s LG-produced N5X, with the design radically changed too. Build materials aren’t confirmed yet, though word around the water cooler is top-quality metal and glass come together even on the lower-cost Google Pixel model, while the 5-inch or so (Full HD) display is alas still surrounded by chunky bezels.

The rear cover looks like nothing we’ve seen before, and the maker’s logo could be absent from the final design also, with Google and/or Pixel imprints instead occupying a bit of space. Dual stereo speakers (huzzah!) sandwich a USB Type-C port between them on the device’s bottom, with a 3.5mm headphone jack missing from these images and the 9-second clip below, but almost surely included at the top. Now how about some Pixel XL/Marlin renders?

Source: Android Authority
Via: Twitter

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