Google expands 25 percent Pixel C ‘developer’ discount to more markets

While far from perfect in standard tablet mode, and terribly overpriced when paired to a beautiful, induction charging-capable keyboard, the Google Pixel C somehow managed to develop a cult following of sorts in the months succeeding its commercial launch.

Android tinkerers in particular and people willing to pose as software devs saw their interest in the nichey 10.2-incher greatly enhanced by a recent offer, which slashed 25 percent off the convertible’s MSRP in exchange for an email address.

The promo remains contingent on supplies, so it may expire way before July 15, especially now that it’s good in more than a dozen places around the world. You could claim your “developer” discount in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand off the bat, with Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland further added to the list today.

There are still a bunch of surprising omissions, including countries where a lot of folks could help test and improve Android N app compatibility on large screens. But it’s better than nothing, and where available, it practically lets you score the optional keyboard for free.

By itself, the Pixel C starts at $500 stateside and €500 in most old continent markets, prices you can trim to much more reasonable $375 and €375 tags. Or $/€450, down from $/€600, with 64GB internal storage. Either way, the $/€150 keyboard shouldn’t feel like such a burdensome secondary purchase any longer.

Source: Android Police

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