Wild Android 7.1.2 update message pops up on Google Pixels, but it’s just a mislabeled security patch

Google is no stranger to Android update botch jobs for own-brand Pixel and Nexus devices, messing up the 7.1.1 promotion of 2014’s N6 so badly at one point that the Motorola-made 6-incher had to temporarily circle back to OS build 7.0 while various critical bugs were fixed.

Fortunately, although some Pixel and Pixel XL owners may have feared a repeat of the fiasco upon receiving a bizarro Android 7.1.2 system update notification earlier this week, it turns out El Goog merely mislabeled the UI facelift.

We’re still looking at a gaffe on the search giant’s part, but nothing as serious as a downgrade from Oreo to Nougat. Even if you authorize the installation of this latest goodie pack, you’ll absolutely stay on Android 8.0, finally adding September security patches to the equation.

Despite the embarrassingly inaccurate identification, odds are you won’t be dealt any glitches or system vulnerabilities in the process of revamping your Pixel’s security. You’ll simply follow the suit of those lucky Nokia 5 users that reportedly got the newest patch a full week ago. Or you can wait until Google inevitably re-sends the software update under the correct designation. Either way, this error really doesn’t look like a big deal.

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