Google Pixel adoption rates outpacing Nexus 6P

According to mobile analytics firm Appboy, out of 100+ million data points recorded between October 20 and 27, the Pixel achieved 0.016 percent market share while the Pixel XL staked 0.02 percent at the end of its first week of wide availability.

It is claimed that last year’s Nexus 6P took more than two weeks to reach those levels. We don’t have a point of relativity for the Nexus 5X as Pocketnow does not have direct access to this report. We also don’t know if these market share percentages are universal or within Android.

Lack of inventory has been working against what’s believed to be Google’s largest marketing efforts around an own-brand smartphone in shipping out its new phones to customers. A pulse of deliveries occurred on October 25, which was able to spike the Pixel XL’s apparent market share by 158 percent and the Pixel’s by 274 percent by week’s end. Appboy believes that the numbers are constrained by the supply issues.

Contrasting numbers observed from Samsung’s latest devices, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 obviously had many times the market share more on launch day and a week out. Though both phones had approximately the same market share on their launch days, seven-day growth fell from 171 percent on the S6 to 104 percent on the S7.

Keep in mind that Appboy’s figures come out of its own methodology of data collection. That may skew numbers just a bit as they have for iOS adoption rates. But Google does have its some shipment goals to live up to.

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