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Google Pixel 6: info, specifications, pricing, release date, FAQ, and more

By Aryan Suren October 26, 2021, 6:00 am
Google Pixel 6

The Pixel 6 Series has been one of the most anticipated set of devices arranged to launch this year, and, at its fall event, Google finally made them official, pricing, specifications, availability, design, and all. The smaller of the two phones announced, the Pixel 6 comes in at a shockingly low price of $599 in this market filled with flagship-level options around eight hundred dollars. So, does the device make any compromises?

With this article, we'll help you learn everything you need to know about the Pixel 6 and answer some of the questions you may have on your mind.

Note: If you're interested in the larger of two options, check out our in-depth piece on the Google Pixel 6 Pro by clicking (or tapping) on its highlighted name.


Pricing and Availability

The Pixel is now available for pre-order, with deliveries scheduled for November, leading well into 2022 for some. In case you aren't able to get an order in, Google is running a waitlist, so keep your eye on that. But coming to the pricing, as mentioned earlier, Pixel 6 starts at $599 for its 128GB version and is available in a 256GB version too. Both models feature 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM.

Pixel 6_Kinda Coral (Back) (1)

Google Pixel 6

Pixel 6 is a compact and affordable smartphone from Google's think tank. It packs in the all-new Tensor chipset and, for the first time in three years, new camera hardware. It starts at $599 and comes in 128GB or 256GB variants.


google pixel 6 colors

The Google Pixel 6 retails in three dual-tone colorways, Sorta Seafoam, Stormy Black, and Kinda Coral, and they all feature a matte black aluminum rail.

Kinda Coral features a red-ish band on the top, with the rest of the back being a light orange. Sorta Seafoam has a yellow-ish top portion with a pastel green shade covering the remaining majority, while the Stormy Black colorway features a light grey top with a black/ dark grey back for the rest of the phone.


Google Pixel 6 Series 1

Now, getting into the details of the Pixel 6, the smaller frame of the device houses a 6.4-inch FHD+ OLED display with an adaptive refresh rate of 90Hz — the Pixel 6 Pro refreshes at 120Hz. It also leaves out the curved display in favor of a flat design with larger bezels. Nevertheless, it still has Gorilla Glass Victus protection and the At a Glance and Now Playing functionality.

The hole punch in the panel houses an 8MP fixed focus sensor with an 84-degree field of view, and on the rear is a dual-camera setup, consisting of a 50MP Wide camera and 12MP Ultrawide (with 114-degree field of view), housed in the same polarizing bar design seen on Pixel 6 Pro.

Pixel 6 uses Google Tensor

The device uses Google's Tensor processor that makes available a host of new AI-based camera features. Magic Eraser is one such example, which can remove unwanted objects from an image. To give a little insight on video recording, the rear camera can record 4K footage at 60 frames per second while the front is limited to 1080p at 30.

For security, Google is finally using an in-display fingerprint scanner and bundles the Titan M2 co-processor to encrypt your data.

And lastly, powering all the hardware is a 4614mAh cell capable of 30W fast charging, meaning you can have 50% charge in 30 minutes. It also supports wireless charging via the Qi standard, third-party chargers can achieve 12W, while the Pixel Stand can apply 21W.

SpecificationPixel 6
BuildMatte Aluminum Frame, Gorilla Glass Victus for Front & Back
Dimensions & Weight158.6 x 74.8 x 8.9 mm, 207 grams
Display6.4-inch FHD+ OLED Display, Adaptive Refresh Rate (up to 90Hz), 1080 x 2400 Resolution
SoCGoogle Tensor SoC2x high-performance cores, 2x medium power cores, 4x low power cores, 5nm process node, Titan M2 Co-processor
Memory & StorageMemory: 8GB, Storage: 128GB, 256GB
Battery & Charging4614 mAh Li-ion Cell, 21W Wireless Charging with Pixel Stand, 12W Qi Wireless Charging, 50% charge in up to 30 minutes with 30W USB-C Adapter
SecurityIn-display fingerprint sensor
Rear CamerasPrimary: 50MP, f/1.85 with OIS, Secondary: 12MP, f/2.2 Ultra-wide Angle
Front Camera8MP, f/2.0
Port(s)USB C 3.1 Gen. 1
Connectivity5G: Sub 6GHz, mmWave (for devices sold through AT&T, Verizon and Google Store), Wi‑Fi 6E (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.2
SoftwareAndroid 12
Other FeaturesIPX8, Colors: Storm Black, Sorta Seafoam, Kinda Coral


Will the Pixel 6 have a fingerprint sensor?

Yes, the Pixel 6 has an in-display fingerprint sensor underneath its 6.4-inch FHD+ OLED panel.

Will the Pixel 6 have a 120Hz Display?

No, the Pixel 6 does not have a 120Hz display. It uses a panel that refreshes at 90hz.

Will the Pixel 6 have USB-C?

Yes, the Pixel 6 has a USB-C port along the bottom edge of the device. The port uses the USB 3.1 standard and the device ships with a Type C to Type C cable in its box.

Will the Pixel 6 have a Qualcomm Processor?

No, the Pixel 6 does not feature a processor from Qualcomm. The new phone from Google uses an in-house alternative called the Tensor, which they bundle with the Titan M2 processor for data encryption and 8GB of RAM.

Is the Pixel 6 waterproof?

No, the Pixel 6 is not waterproof, but it does have IPX8 water resistance. This rating in general certifies devices for protection against fresh water and a depth of 1 meter.

Will Pixel 6 have wireless charging?

Yes, the Pixel 6 does have wireless charging. When using a Qi-certified accessory the device accepts up to 12W of power. The Google Pixel Stand bumps this up to 21W on the Pixel 6 and 23W on the Pixel 6 Pro.

Does Pixel 6 come with a charger?

No, the Pixel 6 does not come with a charger in the box. Instead, it comes bundled with a Type C to Type C cable and a USB-C to USB-A adapter.

But you may want to look into getting a fast USB-PD charger because the phone can charge up to 50% in 30 minutes with a 30W unit.

Is the Pixel 6 portless?

No, the Pixel 6 is not portless, as it features a USB-C port along its bottom.

Is the Pixel 6 Dual SIM?

Yes, the Pixel 6 is a Dual SIM compatible phone. It has support for one nanoSIM and an eSIM.

Is the Pixel 6 5G compatible?

Yes, the Google Pixel 6 is 5G compatible. Although only units sold via Verizon, AT&T, and Google Store feature support for mmWave.

What 5G bands does the Pixel 6 support?

Like the Pixel 6 Pro, the Pixel  6 also has multiple SKUs, one with mmWave support and another without. According to Google's official specifications, the model sold in the United States supports the following 5G bands:

Sub-6Ghz: n1, n2, n3, n5, n7, n8, n12, n14, n20, n25, n28, n30, n38, n40, n41, n48, n66, n71, n77, n78.

mmWave: n257, n258, n260, n261 (devices bought from AT&T, Verizon, or Google Store).

What carriers will the Pixel 6 support?

The Pixel 6 will work with major carriers across the United States, but not all of them may not offer 5G services. So make sure to contact your carrier and get a confirmation from them, meanwhile, check Google's supported carrier article about network support for Pixel 6 Pro

Will there be a foldable Pixel 6?

While there have been several rumors about a foldable Pixel, we believe it's safe to say that it won't be a spin-off of the Pixel 6.

Will Pixel 6 have a notch?

No, the Pixel 6 does not have a notch in its design. Google opted for a hole-punch design to house the 8MP camera and does have thicker bezels on the top and bottom of the phone' screen.

Is the Pixel 6 bezel-less or offers a smaller notch?

Both new Pixel Series phones opted for a hole punch instead of a notch, and while the Pixel 6 Pro features very narrow bezels and a curved screen, the Pixel 6 has more prominent segments on all its sides.

Does the Pixel 6 come with Pixel Buds?

No, the Pixel 6 does not ship with a pair of Pixel Buds in the box. Within its retail packaging, you will find a Type-C to Type-C cable and a Type-C to Type-A adapter.

Will the Pixel 6 have a Home Button?

On Android, Home Buttons have always been available via software. So, while the Pixel 6 promotes Google's new gesture-based navigation system, you can activate the older and possibly more familiar controls by diving into the Settings application.

Is there a Pixel 6 Mini?

Unfortunately, there will 6.4-inch display, it's in no way close to being a mini phone.

Like I've said in my other write-up, "Hey Google! a smaller phone next year? Please?"

What are the storage options for Pixel 6?

The Pixel 6 is available in two storage tiers, 128GB and 256GB, both make use of the UFS 3.1 standard and ship with 8GB of RAM.

How many cameras does the Pixel 6 have?

The Pixel 6 has three cameras, one front-facing, and two rear-facing. The unit on the front is an 8MP fixed focus sensor with an 84-degree field of view, and the rear shooters feature the 50MP Wide and 12MP Ultrawide from the Pixel 6 Pro.

Does the Pixel 6 take astrophotography photos?

Yes, the Pixel 6 can capture astrophotography pictures. To be able to use this mode, select Night Sight in the camera application and use a tripod to place your phone in a stable manner.

Does the Pixel 6 work with Qi Wireless Charging?

Yes, the Pixel 6 does work with Qi Wireless Charging, but the speed is limited to 12W. If you use the new Pixel Stand, the phone will be able to charge with an input of 21W.

Does the Pixel 6 support WiFi 6E?

Yes, the Pixel 6 supports WiFi 6E.

Does the Pixel 6 record in 8K?

No, the Pixel 6 cannot record videos in 8K. It has a limitation of 4K footage at 60 frames per second.

Does the Pixel 6 record in 90FPS?

The Pixel 6 does not record videos at 90 frames per second. Although its slo-mo modes can help you record videos at 240 frames per second.

What is the charging speed of the Pixel 6?

Google Pixel 6 official charging stand

Like the Pixel 6 Pro, Google's Pixel 6 can charge up to 50% of its total capacity in 30 minutes with the official 30W USB-C adapter.

For wireless charging users, you can choose between 12W charging via Qi-certified hardware or 21W fast wireless charging via the new Pixel Stand.


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