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Google Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Pixelbook Go, Pixel Buds, Nest Mini, Nest Wifi all official

By Anton D. Nagy October 15, 2019, 12:00 pm

Today Google announced its 2019 line-up of devices, putting an end to all the leaks and speculation. The entire line-up consists of X phones, X laptops and accessories. As you’ve probably noticed during the past couple of weeks and months, Google not only did a lousy job at keeping things secret, but, often times confirmed or leaked products/features itself. With today’s New York event, dubbed Made by Google ’19, the Android-maker is throwing its own take into the ring to fight the competition. Here’s everything Google announced!

Google Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL

The Pixel 4 starts at $799 and the Pixel 4 XL for $899, and they are available in three colors: Clearly White, Just Black, and a limited edition, Oh So Orange shade. This is the most important question and unknown variable we had before the event, and it’s now official. Google is emphasizing on the camera experience, as well as the user experience allowing owners to interact with devices without touching them.


You’ll be able to grab a unit on one of the major carriers in the U.S., including AT&T, C Spire, Cellcom, Google Fi, Spectrum Mobile (Charter), Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon, Visible and Xfinity Mobile (Comcast).

With the Snapdragon 855 at its core, the phones feature, as previously leaked, 6GB of memory, two cameras, and displays operating at what appears to be the new standard for flagship devices, 90Hz refresh rate.

Pixel Neural Core is the engine for on-device processing, always-on computing, and machine learning, meaning more tasks are done on the device for performance and privacy. — Google

With Android 10 installed out of the box, Google promises three years of security updates. Special software features include car crash detection, the transcribing recorder app, Motion Sense (available in all markets where the phones are sold, except Japan), and, of course, the ever smarter Google Assistant.

Google Pixel Buds

The Pixel Buds have been redesigned after scanning “thousands of ears” to come up with a comfortable fit while sitting “flush in your ear”. With its in-ear design, the new Pixel Buds deliver high quality audio while gently sealing the ear to isolate loud outside noises.

With Adaptive Sound, the Pixel Buds automatically adjust volume as you move from loud to quiet environments, and back again, so you don’t have to constantly tamper with the volume controls.

With weat and water resistant construction, the Pixel Buds are compatible with devices featuring Bluetooth 4.0 and above. They are stored in a wireless charing case, delivering with up to 24 hours of play time. The batteries inside the buds themselves are good for 5 hours of listening time on a single charge.

Available in Clearly White, Oh So Orange, Quite Mint and Almost Black, the Pixel Buds will cost $179 when they will be available next year.

Google Pixelbook Go

As recently leaked, the Pixelbook Go is now official, and available for pre-order starting today in the U.S. and Canada, becoming available for pre-registrations in January in the U.K.

Starting at $649, the Pixelbook Go comes in Just Black and Not Pink color options, and features a 13.3 inch touchscreen. The magnesium body measures two pounds and 13mm in thickness, and its internal battery delivers up to 12 hours of operation. Fast charging capabilities ensure to deliver two hours of battery life after 20 minutes of charging.

Pixelbook Go has the same high-performance components you’ve seen in other Made By Google computers. It starts up in seconds and stays fast with automatic updates, so you can count on speedy performance over time — Google

The keyboard features Hush Keys, as Google wants to offer Pixelbook Go owners a silent typing experience.

Nest Mini

Google also introduced the completely redesigned second-generation Nest Mini, which should bring not only a louder sound experience, but also more bass (wice as strong as the original Google Home Mini).

Sensors detect when you hand is close to the device so that the LED lights fire up indicating where you can tap to adjust the volume. With background noise monitoring, the Nest Mini will automatically control the playback volume, so that you can clearly hear the Assistant, news and podcasts, even when appliances are running.

Going for $49, the Nest Mini will be available starting October 22 at Best Buy, Target, Walmart and other retailers.

Nest Wifi

With the newly introduced Nest Wifi, Google wants to take your Wifi experience to the next level. It consists of two devices, one that plugs into your modem directly, and a secondary unit which extends the range of your Wifi.

Taking Google Wifi to the next level, Nest Wifi delivers “up to two times the speed and up to 25 percent better coverage”, being able to cover a 3,800-square-foot home. You can add more points (extenders) at a later time, or buy a three pack to begin with, if you have a larger surface you want to cover.

Snow, Sand and Mist are the color options available, with a two-pack setting you back $269, (three pack goes for $349) at the Google Store, Target, Best Buy and more retailers.

New Google Assistant

On the software and services side, Google announced the second generation Google Assistant, which should be smarter, faster, and prettier. The new assistant will be available on Pixel phones first, and will be able to respond to your queries much faster than before.

Marketed as being up to 10 times faster than before (a claim which we’ll have to verify and test ourselves), the new Google Assistant seemed pretty snappy during the on-stage demo, bringing results in just a second or two.


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