Some Google Pixel 3 XL devices have buzzing and distorted speakers

Google Pixel devices are very good, well at least after the first months when they present tons of problems that get sorted out later on. We have heard that some Google Pixel 3 XL users have been complaining about issues that have to do with disappearing texts lately and now the last one has to do with buzzing or distorted speakers.

Several complaints have been showing up from Google Pixel 3 XL users in Reddit and Twitter. This problem is described as static, buzzing or distorted sound. The biggest problem is that this happens even when the volumes are low. Google has already acknowledged the problem and is working to find a solution. However, some people think that this might be the same problem that the Pixel 2 devices presented last year, and it was only solved by replacing the device. on the bright side, you could have a new smartphone soon.

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