Convertible Google Pixel 3 laptop tipped for Q3 2017 launch with Andromeda OS

Nexus phones are almost certainly getting “Pixelated”, the age-old second-gen N7 tablet might be in for a long overdue sequel of sorts this year too, and then you have first-party VR hardware, a Google Assistant-powered home automation hub, 4K-capable Chromecast, as well as a Pixel 3 laptop.

Wait, what Pixel 3 laptop? The world’s first to run the merged Chrome OS – Android platform, silly. You know, the unified mobile/desktop OS we’ve been expecting for more than a year now, which Mountain View adamantly denied exploratory efforts for.

Well, Andromeda is definitely in the pipeline, although the best we can hope for next month is a vague preview. “Two independent and reliable sources” told Android Police to look for the “Bison’s” commercial rollout in Q3 2017, a timeline that could always be moved, depending on how fast software and hardware development advances.

The Google Pixel 3, or Bison, is likely to dump the Chromebook brand, running something closer to Android than Chrome OS, with features of the latter merged into the former. Everything is obviously still subject to change, but right now, planned specs include a 12.3-inch touchscreen, Intel m3 and Core i5 processor options, with matching 32 or 128GB internal storage, 8/16GB RAM, fingerprint recognition, a pair of USB Type-C ports, a “host of sensors”, stylus functionality, headphone jack, stereo speakers, quad microphones, 10-hour battery life, and backlit keyboard.

If current intentions stand, the sub-10mm slender notebook could find inspiration in the flexible nature of Lenovo’s Yoga family, or the Surface Book’s detachability. Either way, color us intrigued.

Source: Android Police 

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