Google may have managed to distract us from an endless string of Pixel 2 and especially 2 XL issues and controversies for a couple of minutes there with a well-made commercial playing to the phones’ strengths, but yet another annoying bug is now making headlines.

Not entirely new, the “flashing screen” scenario has been reported for the first time on the search giant’s official product forums way back on October 20, gaining a little bit of steam lately as more and more Pixel 2 XL users lodge similar complaints.

This is still not a problem as widespread as OLED burn-in or that bad blue tint Big G refuses to acknowledge as an unnatural occurrence, let alone a serious glitch. Bizarrely enough, it doesn’t seem to have impacted any baby Pixel 2 units, but a small number of Nexus 6P owners are all of a sudden lamenting the same situation after updating to Android Oreo.

All in all, it sounds like an odd mix of unstable software and flawed hardware might be leading to occasional screen flickering. The issue is especially noticeable when locking and unlocking the aforementioned devices, but it also happens every now and then at startup.

There’s no way to overlook the glitch if your phone is affected, as the screen typically flashes a very bright white, albeit for a split second, so if you own a Pixel 2 XL and have no idea what we’re talking about here, you’re among the vast majority of users free from this particular harm. Everyone else should try to see if they qualify for a replacement unit.

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