Many Pixel 2 XL and a few Pixel 2 owners report new audio problems, fix coming soon

Would you believe us if we told you the smaller, uglier, cheaper Google Pixel 2 was a seemingly smarter buy than the LG-made Pixel 2 XL? How about if we went a step further and outright called the HTC-produced 5-incher (with thick bezels) an overall better phone?

On paper, there’s obviously no comparing a Full HD and QHD+ screen, but when the latter is plagued by so many elementary problems, resolution can become an afterthought. The Pixel 2 is also generally easier to come by than its big brother, and while its audio quality is far from perfect, the same can now be said about the 2 XL.

Well, more or less, as yet another distressingly widespread bug is in the news, with Google made aware of the issue and committed to fixing it… sooner or later.

A pretty large number of early Pixel 2 XL adopters are reporting trouble with sound reproduction when shooting standard video. Specifically, sound quality is described as “very bad”, “awful”, “absolute crap”, “so distorted it’s unlistenable” and other variations of the same themes.

Oddly enough, the audio gets especially tinny, distorted and screechy in relatively quiet environments, though different users are complaining of slightly different conditions. There are even a few owners of the baby Pixel 2 that claim to have encountered similar problems, and although the exact cause is unknown, Google’s engineers reckon they’ll be able to deploy a software repair in a matter of weeks.

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