Google Pixel 2 XL handles savage durability tests much better than baby Pixel 2 (video)

There are many things wrong with a Pixel 2 XL that should have truly put Google on the map of top-level smartphone vendors, but those of you who tend to abuse their daily driver devices for fun or out of neglect may find a little solace in the 6-incher’s durability rating.

It’s not a rating per se, but the Pixel 2’s big brother survived JerryRigEverything’s brutal experiments without compromising its vital IP67 water-resistance certification. There are no especially feeble points or surfaces on this particular “aluminum unibody”, although the metal build is still covered with thick plastic-like paint.

That will easily come off if you put it to the razor blade test, which you obviously shouldn’t, and it’s not immune to scuffs made by keys either. We’re talking permanent prospective marks on the back of the LG-produced Pixel 2 XL, so it’s probably wise to reserve a pocket entirely for the “pure Google” phone.

Better yet, be a “normal” person and use a protective case to keep away from any cosmetic dangers. Keys, coins and, of course, razors are hazardous for the visual integrity of the rear-mounted fingerprint reader as well, but on the bright side, it looks virtually impossible to render the biometric sensor useless.

It’s not going to be easy to remove the G emblem on the lower part of the handset’s backplate either, the oft-praised camera is protected by both glass coating and a metal lip around the lens, while the bend test reveals no major structural weakness. That’s more like it, Google!

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