Rumors, teasers and leaks are abound all over the place. From the iPhone 8’s case picture to this, we’re thinking that we have a little more to scratch over with this one.

GSMArena¬†has obtained two anonymously-sourced pictures that purport to show Google’s Pixel 2 devices, said to be manufactured by HTC. If you’ve been catching up with design rumors of this sort, you’ll be seeing blurry pixels coming to real life… low-res pixels. That sentence doesn’t make sense, but what’s more important to sort out is this design.

Two devices’ front panels are shown laid on a wooden table with speakers (or a speaker and an earpiece) at the top and bottom flanks of the display, which looks to retain a 16:9 aspect ratio. There’s a hint of a third device in a different color lying just to the left of frame, but there’s not enough information to pay it much mind.

Given how continuity works in this case, we suppose that the white-frame device right behind that human paw holding the rear of the device would be another color option for the Pixel 2, if not the next Pixel XL model. Again, that judgment call does not have enough information to be set out.

Electric tape is applied heavily under loads of identifying labels that plaster the rear of the device. From what we can make out, most of the rear from the bottom to the three-quarters line is black matte metal. A fingerprint sensor is placed just below that frontier. The abrupt cut to glass gives the top end a sheen with a very visible glint on the top left corner. The source outlet notes two tiny pinholes below the LED flash module that will allow for a microphone and a focus-assist laser unit. And there’s that immense camera lens.

So, what do you make of it? Full-resolution pictures are available at the source link below this story so you can clear things up yourself.

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