Rick Osterloh is SVP of hardware at Google. He helped deliver the Pixel from concept to market and is currently wrapping his brains around its sequel — well, so is the rest of Android land, but all they can talk about is how much bezel should be on a phone.

Nevertheless, Osterloh gave some more attuned sentiments to AndroidPit editor Eric Herrmann about the main trouble with the Pixel and concerns about the Pixel 2.

Obviously, if you’ve order a Pixel and still haven’t gotten one, you’ve fallen victim to a lack of supply. Osterloh’s comments on this issue were not encouraging, saying that it is getting to be impossible to source enough components to produce more Pixels. It seems that the plankton of the electronics industry has been endangered by both Apple and Google.

The hardware chief then said that Google will follow the “annual rhythm in the industry” in terms of pacing any Pixel follow-on.

“You can count on a successor this year, even if you don’t hear a date from me now,” Osterloh said.

The Pixel was announced and made commercially available in October.

Dousing rumors of a more affordable “Pixel 2B,” he said that the series “stays premium” in 2017 and will not be cheap. So much for any shred of the Nexus philosophy sticking around.

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