Fresh Google Pixel 2 speculation tackles colors, water resistance, software and storage

While reportedly mulling over a substantial HTC investment or outright acquisition, Google is likely putting the finishing touches to a couple of new externally-made own-brand Pixel phones.

Only one of the second-gens comes from the Taiwan-based OEM, according to countless insiders and tipsters of late, with Korea’s LG purportedly in charge of the Pixel XL2’s production.

This smaller Google Pixel 2 is yet again rumored today to largely follow in its predecessor’s design footsteps, retaining the substantial bezels the LG G6-inspired Pixel XL2 is widely expected to slim down.

In addition to a “Quite Black” paint job, the Pixel 2 will apparently be coated in a combination of slate gray and dark silver that’s unlikely to get a catchy name. Moderately silver, perhaps?

Either way, heavily blurred new pictures of the impending 5-incher further corroborate the existence of front-firing stereo speakers, a circular rear-mounted fingerprint reader and rather large main camera accompanied by LED flash and laser autofocus.

All signs point to the untimely death of the classic headphone jack on “pure Google” phones, though the search giant is at least planning to offer a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter as standard. Count on full IP68 water resistance as a major upgrade and key selling point, with the as-yet unreleased Android 8.1 Oreo platform likely to run the Pixel 2 software show out the box.

Speaking of software, we’re hearing of an always-on option for the stock ambient display again, as well as the long-awaited Google Lens debut following a noisy October 5 announcement. Last but not least, base storage could get a solid raise to 64GB, with 128 gigs available on demand.

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