Annoyed by the ‘faint’ Pixel 2 buzzing sound? Google finally confirms a fix is coming

Google’s HTC-produced Pixel 2 and LG-supplied Pixel 2 XL phones have barely been out a month, collecting more complaints from disgruntled early adopters that other mobile devices have the misfortune to generate in a lifetime.

Issues, both relating to faulty hardware and unstable software, have ranged from those controversially described as “inherent” to a few minor ones El Goog was able to swiftly iron out to outright embarrassing and silly mistakes.

Display and audio quality in particular have proven substandard, and at one point, it almost felt like the search giant made way for two new bugs with every patch. There was a lot of clicking, hissing and buzzing reported online, especially coming from the baby Pixel 2’s speakers.

But if nothing else happens, the end of all sound problems might finally be near for the otherwise impressive 5-incher. Google has already fixed a number of annoying glitches, promising the “faint buzzing sound some Pixel 2 devices” present “when the phone is placed to your ear during a phone call” will also be eliminated “in the coming weeks.”

The thing is many users don’t quite agree with Community Manager Orrin’s description of the issue, claiming the sound is hardly faint, and they can hear it even when not making a phone call, as long as the Pixel 2’s screen is on.

Hopefully, Big G will not underestimate the severity of the apparent software flaw, rolling out a comprehensive fix soon enough.

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