Google Pixel 2 event likely scheduled for October 4 after all, promotion already underway

Smartphone power users don’t have an easy decision to make in their quest for the “next big thing” this fall, as Apple, Samsung, LG and even Xiaomi deliver some of the best possible features and specs wrapped in very attractive new packages.

But the war for high-end mobile device supremacy ain’t over till the fat lady Android big kahuna sings throws its hat in the ring, which will apparently go down in roughly three weeks.

Not on October 5, as previously speculated, but a day earlier, based on a random billboard wildly spotted in Boston. Once again, it seems Google is putting a lot of money into traditional Pixel advertising, which hopefully will be backed by robust supply in US brick and mortar stores this time around.

Now, technically, the promotional text on this placard doesn’t definitively prove the Google Pixel 2 and XL2 are coming on the first Wednesday of next month. But the search giant’s logo is there, alongside the October 4 date and rather unsubtle “ask more of your phone” tagline.

Oh, and coincidentally, the first Pixel generation broke cover exactly one year before this (not so) mysterious event. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots, and also expect a new Chromebook Pixel and diminutive Google Home brought to light just ahead of the holiday season.

Don’t forget the growing number of strongly rumored Android One phones which Google is endorsing more and more aggressively, and perhaps even some Google Assistant-powered headphones to go after Apple’s crazy successful AirPods.

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