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Google takes a casual dig at Apple in jam-packed new Pixel 2 commercial (video)

By Adrian Diaconescu November 8, 2017, 6:32 am

Google has a lot more on its plate than Samsung in dealing with a seemingly endless string of Pixel 2 (XL) controversies, software glitches and hardware quality complaints, but that’s not stopping the search giant from proving its advertising budget is on par with the competition.

It’s obviously hard, nay, practically impossible to top the savage humor of the market leader’s latest TV commercial, which needed only three days to cross the 10-million YouTube view barrier after brilliantly mocking a decade of iPhones in just 60 seconds.

But while Big G’s newest Pixel 2 ad has a very small fraction of that viral potential, it’s far more subtle in its anti-Apple dig and extremely effective at highlighting many of the product’s strong points in playful ways.

Over the course of almost two minutes, a host of celebrities (hey there, Dua Lipa) and everyday mobile device users showcase pretty much everything the Pixel 2 is capable of, which largely comes down to an intuitive, versatile and omniscient Google Assistant, as well as a phenomenal camera.

You can take amazing photos and shoot perfectly crisp video in any conditions and surroundings, the clip’s all-knowing narrator alleges, which independent testing has found to be 100 percent true.

You can also get answers to all your questions on the fly, weather and travel info by voice, alerts, notifications, smart home controls, sandwiches (?!), (relatively) fast charging, and unlimited photo storage, unlike a certain rival subtly referenced at the 52-second mark. If only you could actually buy the black & white Pixel 2 XL repeatedly shown in the ad.

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