‘Stay tuned’ for Google’s Pixel 2 announcement, officially slated for October 4

Apple has been all over the news these past couple of days, massively overshadowing Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 with an eye-catching iPhone X while grabbing some headlines with largely repetitive iPhone 8, 8 Plus and Apple Watch Series 3 designs as well.

But Cupertino’s other arch-rival is yet to join the “all-screen” 2017 flagship phone wars, all of a sudden seizing the spotlight today, and aiming to retain the media’s attention through October 4 and beyond.

With both the HTC-made Pixel 2 and LG’s Pixel XL 2 certified by the FCC on their way to US stores, as well as a stealthy traditional advertising campaign apparently kicked off in Boston, there’s no reason Google should hold off any further on the online buzz-building efforts.

Enter a little subdomain of the main “Made by Google” portal encouraging you to “ask more” of your phone on October 4. That’s when the occasion will arise for you to change your mobile device with something faster, less fragile, annoying, cruel, impersonal and dumb.

All those characteristics are teased in a short video uploaded to the search giant’s official YouTube channel, which reiterates the October 4 announcement date of a smartphone like no other. Or, you know, technically two of them, alongside a miniature smart speaker, revised Chromebook Pixel and perhaps a few new Android One phones too.

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