We’ve heard a ton of rumors regarding a new Google Photos app, and it finally gets announced today at Google I/O. If you thought that having these services unlinked from Google+ was cool enough, well as it turns out, the news are much broader than just a platform change. Google is seriously doing a lot in order to make this your only photos service, and let’s talk about how.

First of all, the focus of this new service is to:
1. Become a home for all your photos and videos available from any device
2. Help you organize and bring your moments to life
3. Make it easy to share and save what matters

When it comes to the first focus mentioned, Google photos automatically backs up photos from all sources linked to your account. Everything in one place, no matter what device you’re on. Many of the interactions require pinch to zoom gestures. You can see days, pinch out to see months, or pinch again to see across years. Another gesture to the right brings your handmade collections like albums, movies made, etc.

In order to then help you organize and bring moments to life, Google photos now applies face detection to tag all the people in photos, and then allows you to group these photos per person. This grouping works even in past tense, so no matter how old the photos are, grouping per person should work, at least in theory. Photos asistant then works with a slide to the left, where you can quickly create collages, movies, and other details pertaining to images you select, or it groups automatically. Now even though the service creates things on its own, you can always edit the results.

When it comes to the final focus, Google photos allows you to do a text search of photos, like for example, type baseball, and get results pertaining to a baseball game. You can later select all pertaining photos with quick gestures, and create a link to share all these specific photos with someone else. Google Photos will then create a small website that’ll help other users preview your photos, or even save these photos directly on their Google Photos account, without the need to download and re-upload images between accounts.

The coolest part, you can backup unlimited photos for free in high quality. 1080p videos and up to 16 megapixel photos are fully supported. The service is available today for free on iOS, Android and the web.


Source: Google

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