Different in so many aspects, Nexus devices and iPhones have their aversion to microSD cards in common, letting digital hoarders heavily rely on cloud storage to keep said addiction in check. Both Android and iOS users can take advantage of the free allotments of services like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, or pay up for extra space and in some cases unlimited add-ons.

Meanwhile, the aptly titled iCloud remains an Apple-exclusive app, with Big G much more comfortable catering to devoted fans as well as lovers of rival mobile platforms. But Google Photos takes its iOS openness to the next level today, targeting first and foremost iFans always running out of local storage in the least opportune circumstances.

No, you’re not mistaken, and by no means is it a coincidence that the below embedded YouTube clip features an irritating “storage full” message popping up over and over and over again… on iPhones owned by various people looking to capture important things around them.

It doesn’t have to be like that, as Google Photos backs up all your up to 16MP snapshots and 1080p videos for free, so even a 16GB iPhone can be constantly prepared to save your selfies, action pics and random Bigfoot sightings.

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