Google Phone app now shows your location during an emergency call

There are few times when knowing where you are can mean life or death as much as when you have to answer to a stranger on the phone:

911, what’s your emergency?

For any emergency services call in the world, if you have Google’s standard Phone app, you’ll now be able to see where you’re located through a card that pops up on the screen as you make the call. You’ll get an address with exact coordinates and a little inset of a map.

If you’re lucky to be on VoLTE or on a Wi-Fi network, you might just be able to provide better detail through a full view into Google Maps, but we’d question the usefulness of this feature if you’re in the middle of nowhere and the GPS is being inaccurate or lazy.

This update, picked up by 9to5Google, comes amidst reports that the OnePlus 5 cannot complete a 911 or 999 call — it reboots before an the dispatcher can pick up. There’s talk that the bug is due to the stock dialer APK not having the proper framework for E911 services. We’ll keep track of that situation as it goes along.

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