Google Pay expands to Germany with four local banks on board

Google has been mainly focused on advertising the new name of its unified digital wallet platform over the past few months, but after launching Android Pay in eight countries last year, and only one additional market so far in 2018, the app’s global expansion efforts seem to be ramping up again.

The rebranded Google Pay service is available starting today in just one new country, but it’s a biggie. The Mountain View-based search giant has somehow managed to beat both Samsung and Apple’s mobile payment solutions to the punch in Germany, which may have something to do with the local popularity of good old fashioned cash transactions.

Apparently, the 82 million inhabitants of the European Union’s most populous member state are not particularly excited about smartphone-authorized contactless payments. Google Pay will thus face an uphill battle driving regional adoption, despite Android’s comfortable domination over iOS in the central-western European country.

Germans looking to add their credit or debit cards to their Google Pay accounts on NFC-equipped handsets running Android KitKat and above should keep in mind four local banks are supported right off the bat.

The list includes Comdirect, Commerzbank, Wirecard and N26, although not all types of cards issued by the former two financial institutions will let you join the mobile payment fun just yet. Other banks are likely to be added in the near future, so be sure to ask around before giving up on the service.

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