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Google Pay app gets a redesign and some new features

By Samuel Martinez November 18, 2020, 9:38 pm

Google Pay has come a long way since its launch back in 2015, and the guys over at Google decided that it was time to make some changes and improvements as to how you can make use of the app. The digital wallet will now focus on keeping track of your finances while also helping you manage financial relationships with people and businesses.

The Google Pay app will get some nice new changes with its recently announced overhaul. The app will start displaying friends and businesses, users interact more often, instead of a simple transaction list. It will also feature new built-in tools that will allow users to separate expenses and calculate totals with another person. Google Pay will also allow you to buy food, and whatever comes to mind.


The new version of the Google Pay app is already available for download from the Play Store, and it will allow you to pay gas at select gas stations and parking from your device. It will all depend on whether the retailers have support for the app or not, but that will most likely improve with time.

Changes include a new “Explore” and “Insight” tab that will help you get around, see where you can use the app to complete transactions, get discounts and get an idea of how you’re spending money. However, there’s another chance to keep in mind, as Google Pay will be locked to only one smartphone at a time. Signing in to a second phone will force the first one to disconnect from your account. You will also have to go through the setup process again, and only after the new device is verified will you be able to complete purchases, while the first device will show a warning.

“Your Google Pay account is being used on another device. To continue using Google Pay, please sign in with a different account.”

However, the Google Pay refresh wasn’t the only announcement, as we will also get new ‘Plex’ bank accounts with Citi as a “new way to bank in Google Pay.” You get a new “Plex Account” homepage that will show you savings and checking balance. It also features quick actions that will allow you to move money and add money to your account, check your account details, lock your card, and manage your account.

Some of the best features of this new Plex Account in Google Pay include an activity feed that shows past transactions organized by your accounts, the accounts are also free to open, and there will no be no fees for monthly service, low balance, in-network ATM use and more. Further, these accounts will come with Google-designed debit cards when the first Plex Accounts start coming in 2021. If you’re interested, the waitlists are already available today.

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