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Just a few days ago, a 9to5Google report mentioned the impending arrival of a new – and more affordable – set of true wireless earbuds called Pixel Buds A. Apparently, the upcoming audio wearable will be to the Pixel Buds what the budget Pixel 4a is to the flagship Pixel 4. Well, it looks like Google is taking the leak game into its own hands. In an email sent out to folks on the Google Nest mailing list (via 9to5Google), the company has shared a product poster that shows the Pixel 5, a Nest-branded smart display, and what appears to be the Pixel Buds.

They look just like the vanilla Pixel Buds, but wear a different color

Except, these are not the Pixel Buds. Yes, the Pixel Buds do come in a green shade which the company calls Mint Green, but they rock a dual-tone black-and-green color scheme. Plus, the innards of the charging case are black. However, the device in the poster depicts a pair of earbuds covered in a slightly different shade of green. The dual-tone aesthetics appear to have gone in favor of a uniform all-green profile. Plus, the insides of the charging case appear to have the same matching green shade. 

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Image: 9to5Google

So, did Google do an oopsie? Or was this a deliberate teaser? Well, we don’t know for sure. But there is a pattern to be seen here. Last year, the official Google Store prematurely listed the Pixel 4a ahead of its debut. And going back a little further in time, the company tweeted a product render of the Pixel 4 ahead of its official debut – just when the device had started to leak left, right, and center. So, was this Pixel Buds A render a teaser of things to come, or just an honest mistake? I’ll let you be the judge of it.

Talking about the earbuds though, a previous report mentioned that the upcoming Google earbuds will look identical to the Pixel Buds in terms of design, but will opt for a different color profile. Plus, they are touted to come in two colors – white and green. They’re also said to offer support for touch gestures to let users perform tasks such as attend calls, control music playback, and summon Google Assistant. Per a previous leak, the Pixel Buds A will reportedly launch in mid-April, and the latest Google slip does lend some support to it.

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