With Microsoft’s introduction of Cortana, will Apple and Google be feeling the pressure to snazz up their own voice assistant offerings in the hopes of keeping ahead of the feature curve? It still remains to be seen just how strong a draw for WP8.1 Cortana manages to be, but regardless of what’s going on over on that platform, Google appears to be hard at work in adding new functionality to Google Now, and one upcoming feature may be the ability to automatically detect where you’ve parked your car, and later guide you back to it.

The evidence turns up in a few language packs for Now, referencing a string labeled “car_location” containing the localized text equivalent for “Where you parked.”

Now in all fairness this might be a completely manual feature, requiring the user to ask Google Now to remember his or her car’s location, but considering how automated Google’s been striving to make Now, we could easily see this being powered by contextual sensor and location data, with Google both detecting when you’re traveling by car and when you later appear to switch to moving on foot.

Mind you, there’s a bit of guesswork going in to this analysis, and what Google actually delivers may differ somewhat, but one way or another, something along these general lines sure looks like it’s in the works.

Source: Android Police

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