Google Now dies in favor of more pragmatic name in search app beta

You may still call it “Google Now,” but when you mail it next, your search will be returned to sender.

In the latest beta version of the Google app, the “Now” features have been renamed. Google Now, the pane of automatically compiled news, weather, sports and interesting information, is simply called “Feed”. Now on Tap, which picks and fleshes out information from your current screen, is now called “Screen Search”.

In Apps,” a content search feature for stuff in apps, remains named as such. It also now has an “app” widget that gets you instant access to the mode as on the LG V20. It’s in the “In Apps” section of the Google app’s settings. In Apps can also now search for phrases within Google Keep notes.

Google may be taking a different tack in terms of shaping public perception of itself. Instead of really trying to show that it’s a service that knows and instantly delivers what you want, it’s gone for a more “what’s on the tin can” approach.

There are a couple of “Now” reference still left that we presume will get scrubbed by the time these changes are out of beta.

Via: 9to5Google

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