Android users already know that Google Now can be a hugely powerful tool, reminding you about important appointments, helping you navigate to your next meeting, advising you of upcoming weather alerts, and more. But for all that great stuff Now offered, it also put a lot of pressure on Google to deliver relevant content; one company can only do so much, right (yeah, even Google)? Well, the floodgates are about to open, and today Google announces a big step forward for Now that allows some of your favorite developers to start bringing their content to the service, introducing support for new Now cards from forty apps.

You’ll be able to access news from The Guardian and The Economist, check out real estate advisories from Zillow, or purchase movie tickets through BookMyShow. Kayak can advise you about travel savings, and Instacart will notify you about orders you might want to place. All told, more than thirty separate devs are involved with this effort.

And while this represents a ton of new content coming to Google Now in the immediate future, the outlook further down the road looks even brighter, with Google promising more cards and new features as time goes on. You should see these first new ones start becoming available for users of their respective apps over the next few weeks – just make sure your main Google app (which powers Now) is up to date.

Source: Google

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