Google officially seals the Nexus family’s fate, confirming it has ‘no plans’ to release new models

October 4, 2016 was supposed to be a day to remember for Google fans and fanatics as the birth of an exciting albeit pricey new line of stock Android-powered smartphones. But purists and, well, geeks may actually commemorate it eight years from yesterday as the untimely death of the beloved Nexus brand.

No, there’s almost definitely no Huawei Nexus 7P with Andromeda in the pipeline, or if it is, it’s probably called the Google Pixel XXL or something along those lines. Meanwhile, if the Mountain View search giant is to roll out an affordable Nexus 5X sequel of sorts anytime soon (and we have every reason to doubt that), it’ll likely be labeled a Pixel as well.

Of course, Big G didn’t go into detail on the heels of yesterday’s jam-packed “Made by Google” event as to its specific mobile hardware release plans. And with a confirmed new VP of product development, long-term strategies, projects and ideas could always change.

Still, right now, there are “no plans” for future Nexus device production, with existing members of the family nonetheless receiving all the support they deserve for playing “an integral role in this journey for Google”, including customer support and whatever software updates their age recommends them for. But you know what they say, every end is a new beginning.

Sources: Android Police, Droid-Life

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