Even more benchmarks surface to confirm 4GB RAM and SD820 inside Nexus Sailfish

Manufactured by LG, Huawei or HTC? Similar to the HTC 10 in appearance or designed to follow in the footsteps of the LG Nexus 5X? Due out in September or October? Dubbed Nexus 5P or… something else?

Those are just a few of the Google Sailfish-related questions we can’t definitively answer at the moment, although educated guesses do come to mind across the board, with specifications meanwhile looking like an entirely different story.

A pretty easy to crack enigma, on the heels of revealing online reports based on fairly credible sources, a rock-solid ROM dump, GFX Bench visit, and now, pre-release benchmarking stops at AnTuTu and Primate Labs as well.

The latter’s Geekbench Browser tool merely shows the Google Nexus Sailfish already runs Android N, with 4GB RAM under the hood in charge of smooth multitasking, plus an unnamed quad-core Qualcomm processor clocked at 1.6GHz.

Worry not, as the meager velocity is often listed there for many Snapdragon 820-powered prototypes actually capable of reaching top 2.15GHz speeds, and that’s likely the case yet again. Nothing too surprising uncovered by AnTuTu either, the upcoming “pure Google” 5-incher appearing poised to also feature 1080p screen resolution, 13 and 8MP cameras, as well as base 32GB storage, probably non-expandable.

Sources: Weibo, Geekbench

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