Google Nexus S Coming to AT&T?

Following up on a lead that suggested Samsung’s Google Nexus S is coming to AT&T, we did some investigating, and learned that a variant does indeed exist which might land on what recently became the nation’s largest carrier. So far three Nexus S versions have gone through the FCC: the original GT-i9020, followed by the GT-i9020T and GT-i9023. But thanks to the Bluetooth SIG, we now know that a fourth variant exists which hasn’t appeared in any other databases, including the FCC: GT-i9020A. According to the descriptions of these models on the Bluetooth certificates, all are destined for North America except i9023, which is supposedly bound for Europe. And according to Best Buy, i9020T is the variant which operates on T-Mobile US, which makes us suspect that i9020A is AT&T-compatible — T for T-Mobile, A for AT&T, get it?

At this point we don’t have any information on a likely release date or method of distribution — Best Buy seems a good candidate again — although we will note that there was about a two-month window between the release of T-Mobile- and of AT&T-friendly versions of the Nexus One, Google’s first smartphone. This time around the specs were largely maintained while additional hardware was added and Android 2.3 Gingerbread came pre-loaded, making it the first device to debut the OS.

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