Nexus has been a big name in the news again recently, but not for the reasons you might think.

Sure, there’s the small matter of all those red Nexus 5 rumors alongside whispers of a device some are calling the Nexus 8. And then there’s the impending Nexus-themed giveaway we’re about to drop on the world – the one so secret we’re not even linking to it yet (this little sneak preview is your reward for clicking on this story; you’re welcome).

Rather, the principal reason the Nexus name has made a return to the front page is a tweet from noted leaker Eldar Murtazin, who dropped this speculative specimen on the world early last week:


That was followed shortly by the news of Lenovo snatching Motorola from Google, which promptly exploded the news space and either quashed or reinforced Murtazin’s “leak,” depending on your own particular feelings about the tweet’s veracity.

While Murtazin hasn’t always been right (few leakers are), his track record is solid enough that many outlets -Pocketnow included- took the tweet seriously. What followed was a rousing debate across the internet’s tech sites about whether the Nexus name was going anywhere and, more importantly, whether it still deserved to exist at all.


Amidst all that, we found ourselves with a handful of Nexus smartphones -from the One to the 5- and a nebulous but still compelling question: what does the Nexus line stand for, anyway? And how much has it evolved since its 2010 debut? When those questions collided head-on with a wide open slot in our video production schedule, there was only one responsible thing to do.

A five-device throwback review.

Join us below as we take a look at four years of Google Nexus history – smartphone history, that is; a comprehensive look at the Nexus tablets may come later. We’ll start with the trackballs and Scorpions of 2010, and finish up with the Gorilla Glass Snapdragons of 2014. We’ll touch briefly on what contributions each device made to Google’s “pure-Android” philosophy, and also what they represent together, on the whole. And maybe we’ll bring back a few memories along the way!

Four years of Google Nexus history

Pocketnow’s Joe Levi contributed to this report.

Thanks also to friend of the site Chris Larson for his contributions to the conclusion.

Source links: Time Techland, PCMag, Wired, RedOrbit, Eldar Murtazin

Itching for more Nexus smartphone history? Pocketnow has reviewed all five of Google’s “pure-Android” flagships in-depth, from screen to back cover. Dive in! 

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