Yes, the Huawei-manufactured, Google-sanctioned Nexus 6P gradually let its key selling points slip during the past few weeks, including a sophisticated design, snazzy quartet of paint jobs, all-accommodating storage options, Snapdragon 810 SoC, 5.7-inch Quad HD display, and 3GB RAM.

But now all the inside information has come together in one monumental exposé, mere hours ahead of the grand San Francisco press event where the LG Nexus 5X is also expected to once and for all confirm the recent rumor bonanza.

Anything that this cluster of slides for “reviewers and presenters” doesn’t reveal or corroborate? Actually, yes. There’s no mention of price tags, essentially the only major question mark left unanswered, and a commercial launch date is likewise missing, although October 5 has been bandied about of late.

Nexus 6P design

The “slim” metal unibody is brought up more than once in the internal documents as a main differentiator between the Nexus 6P and previous vanilla Android-running handhelds, and we must admit the somewhat controversial design is starting to grow on us.

The camera hump is less conspicuous than back when the first live pics made their way online, and since it promises stellar low-light performance, we’re no longer bothered by the rear snapper’s sub-flagship 12.3 megapixel count.

Around the front, you’ll get 8MP for the best possible selfies, as well as dual speakers for top-notch sound. The circular fingerprint sensor placed on the back’s phone is said to “match a natural grip” and will register different profiles for more than one user, while the USB Type-C connector should ensure “faster charging and quicker data transfer rates” in addition to basic reversibility.

Nexus 6P specs-2

At 178 grams, the Nexus 6P is comfortable enough in its skin to pack a massive 3,450 mAh battery, good for “all day and into the night” endurance, capable of quick charging, and optimized for higher energy efficiency with a new Android Marshmallow feature called Doze.

The aluminum, graphite, frost, and gold color options are (un) officially set in stone, the same for 32/64/128GB storage, as well as Gorilla Glass 4 screen coating, and a 7.3mm waist. Not too shabby!

Source: Android Police

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