Google Nexus 6P may suffer from spontaneous rear glass cracking plague

The first Nexus phone ever to be manufactured by Huawei has a lot going for it, from smooth vanilla software to a beautiful 5.7-inch 2K AMOLED screen, blazing fast Snapdragon 810 SoC, great cameras, fingerprint recognition tech that reportedly improves over time, front-firing stereo speakers, and USB Type-C connectivity.

Many Android purists also lauded the Google Nexus 6P for adopting a full-metal jacket, but as it turns out, the anodized aluminum unibody build could be a curse in disguise, with a degree of frailty bringing back iPhone 6 Plus “Bendgate” memories.

Even worse, it looks like the already controversial rear camera bulging concoction, which is made of glass, can disastrously crack without pressure applied to it or any sort of intentional or unintentional damage.

A Reddit user going by the pseudonym jonny_rat got the ball rolling by posting a pic with a busted brand-new Nexus 6P, and he swears the device was minding its own business on a table away from sharp objects or hard surfaces when it started spontaneously cracking.

Nexus 6P rear glass cracks

Several other online reports have come to light in the past 48 hours of similar occurrences, and each time, the “visor” back camera glass seemed to break without notice or apparent cause. There’s even one disgruntled Nexus 6P owner that claims the glass front panel presents a severe fissure after a mundane airplane journey, which makes us assume the defects may have something to do with fluctuations in air pressure, temperature, and/or humidity.

First things first though, Google and Huawei will need to ensure the incidents did indeed happen as alleged on various forums and website comments sections. Unless the two companies already know about the random vulnerability, likely produced by a manufacturing flaw or negligence of sorts. Either way, we’ll keep you posted.

Sources: Reddit, Android Police

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