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Well, this is sure unexpected. Google has never been a stranger to Black Friday deals offered directly on its website, but normally, you were looking at free Play credit with sizzling hot new Android hardware, and actual savings only on older or less popular gear.

Not today, though. Today and only today, while inventory lasts, Big G shaves a cool $80 off all Nexus 5X configurations, regardless of storage and paint jobs. That means the 16GB LG 5.2-incher costs just $299 unlocked in black, white and mint, whereas the 32 gig model will set you back 350 bucks in the same three color options.

In case you miss the search giant’s promo, or you’d rather take your business outside the US Google Store for some reason, B&H Photo Video also charges $300 and $350 respectively for the two N5X variants, technically through November 30 at 11:59 PM, but obviously, contingent on no doubt limited stocks as well.

The ultimate deal sweetener over at B&H is a $25 store gift card, which may not be much by itself, but given the hotness of the ultra-low-cost new Nexus, is yet another Godsend.

Meanwhile, Google somehow manages to undercut HTC’s time-limited Nexus 9 ask, going as low as $200 for a 16GB Wi-Fi-only config that typically commands a price of $400. Then again, no additional freebies are thrown in here, so if you need a nifty keyboard, the device manufacturer remains your best bet.

If the Nexus 5X discount is quite possibly the most pleasant surprise of this holiday season start, the lack of tempting Android Wear deals is the complete opposite. $280 LG Watch Urbane? Forget it, Amazon has it at $250. $80 and $100 off on the silver and black Huawei Watch? Meh, that’s exactly what Huawei has up its sleeve.

Stick with the Nexus 5X therefore, ladies and gents, and you won’t regret it.

Sources: Google Store, B&H Photo Video

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