Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Google’s event, which didn’t talk about the Nexus 5, but did focus on some enhancements to Hangouts. Then we talk about the Nexus 5, as carriers like WIND Mobile can’t wait to get you one through their pre-registration form, aside from the possibility of the phone actually making it to Sprint. We then talk about the Google Smartwatch, and how we can expected it sooner than later. We later focus on Motorola, and the leaks of the Moto G, even if we only get a name. We end today’s show by talking about Motorola’s Project Ara, which brings us modular smartphones.

All this and more after the break.

Google announces Hangouts improvements, Google+ photo enhancements
Nexus 5 leaked by WIND Mobile as carrier jumps the gun with pre-registration page
Google rethinking the CDMA question? Nexus 5 tipped for Sprint
Google smartwatch mass production could begin within months
What the heck is this “Moto G,” Motorola?
Motorola Project Ara modular smartphone concept lets you pick your own specs

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