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Google’s music streaming services have 15 million subscribers

By Anton D. Nagy May 9, 2019, 6:00 am

Update: Google has made the following statement: “YouTube Music & Premium paid subscribers grew 60% y/y from March 2018 to March 2019. YouTube aggressively disputes the WSJ report stating YouTube Music subscription growth has plateaued, countering that healthy subscription growth continued through Q1 of this year.

At the end of last month Spotify announced that its streaming music service now has more than 100 million subscribers. That’s almost twice as much as the iPhone-maker’s Apple Music offering, which comes in second. Google is trying to catch up and has now managed to surpass 15 million subscribers, granted, on both of its music streaming offerings, combined.

The information comes from two unnamed sources who talked to Bloomberg. They mentioned that the 15 million subscribers come from both YouTube Music and Google Play Music, without mentioning how many on each service. This number also includes users who are currently in their trial stage of the subscription, at the end of which they could very well opt out, just as well as they could remain paying customers.

Google is planning on combining the two offerings in the near future for a unified user experience. While the Android-maker didn’t officially comment on its subscriber base for music streaming, it did however mention that it grew 60 percent year-on-year, compared to March 2018.

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