Ever since we started hearing about Motorola’s so-called “X Phone”, we wondered if this would be the first big product to feature Google’s influence as a result of its acquisition of Motorola Mobility last year. Such a project seems like an inevitability, but the question remained of just when Google might be ready; we had already heard in December that there simply hadn’t been enough time since Google bought Motorola for it to get involved with anything new. Now we’re finding ourselves reconsidering if the X phone could really be this first foray into Google/Motorola design, after learning of some comments made in Google’s recent earnings call to investors.

CFO Patrick Pichette explained, in regards to Google’s Motorola purchase, “we inherited a 12- to 18-month product pipeline that we’re still working through.” The deal went through back in May 2012, which makes the X phone’s rumored announcement at Google I/O in mid-May sound just a little early for a Google-driven project.

That’s not to say that Google won’t be heavily invested in the phone’s release and promotion, but it might not be the sort of Google-from-the-ground-up handset we’ve been expecting. That kind of thing will likely get here someday, but we could still have many months, if not a year to go before we see it.

Source: Google
Via: PC World

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